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  1. Introduction
  2. Display interactive graphs
  3. How to highlight schools district-by-district
  4. Show steps (click)
    • Click on district popup select list
    • Click on desired district name
    • Repeat last to compare to other districts
    • Click on [Clear] to start over
    • Click on [AF] for rapid automatic random display of districts
    • Click on [AS] for slow (5-sec) display
  5. How to select (as opposed to highlighting) schools in a single district
  6. Show steps (click)
    • Click on [Hlt/Sel] (should be RED)
    • Select district name from list
    • To highlight a single school from the selected districts
      • Select school name from second popup list, or
      • Click on [Multi] button, making it WHITE, then
      • Place cursor near point or school of interest, click LMB, move mouse/cursor, creating a rectangle that encloses point, click LMB again
      • Click LMB to stop blinking
      • Multiple points can be included a rectangle. Click LMB to step through them
      • While a point is blinking, pressing the Control key will cause the school name to be placed at the cursor location, in either graph
  7. To compare groups of schools in a selected district
  8. Show steps (click)
    • Select a district as in (4) above
    • Click on [Multi] button (should be RED)
    • Using the sequence LMB click--move cursor--LMB click, draw a a rectangle around several points
    • Repeat last step, enclosing other points. Compare results in data window
  9. To see regression or average slope line, click on [Regress].
  10. To do more, click on the links for Insructions and Examples that are beneath the graphics page
  11. Download Impact of High Poverty.doc